Personal Stories                     

The BIA Trainer"At first I was skeptical of this product, but in a last ditch effort to finally leave my “light days” pads on the shelf-I bought this product. What a life saver and a pocket saver! "
Mary, Boston

"I never believed a day would pass without taking precautions to catch my leaks. Thanks to the Bia trainer, now I don’t have to."
Carol, Virgina

"I can laugh again! No more embarrassing moments of excusing myself to the ladies room. After 6 weeks of using the Bia trainer I no longer need to worry about my leaks."
Karen, Toronto, Ontario

"I am a 36 year old mother of 1. Before my child’s birth, I was an avid runner. Unfortunately, the stress placed on my pelvic floor during that delivery (created a moderate prolapse) and the constant leaking that came with running has deterred me from heading out again. Amazingly, a friend found Bia on the web and sent me the link! 2 weeks later I was out running again. Thanks Bia, I haven’t looked back "
Cathy, Oakville

"The Bia trainer has given me the life I once knew back again! "
Stephanie, Richmond Hill, Ontario

"At my age, I didn’t think there was any way to try and fix my incontinence issues. But this little device makes it easy to do."
Francais, Charleston

"Bia has put out the best incontinence product on the market"
Puja, Brampton,On

"A friend of mine from my running group recommended this product to me to help eliminate those sometimes embarrassing leaks. After three weeks, I no longer have to worry about leaking when I run."
Rebecca, Vancouver

"What a great little product, I found it very easy to use with easy to follow audio instructions"
Hilary, Texas

"I noticed a difference right away. After a few weeks I was able to stop using pads completely. This product is well on its way to paying for itself "
Adele, UK

"Great sex after 40, who knew? Not only eliminate my incontinence, it also made my sex life better. Thanks Bia"
Ps тАУ my husband thanks you too!
Anon, USA

"Bia’s personal trainer is amazing. I was too embarrassed to speak to my doctor about my leakage issues. A friend of mine told me about Bia and her own issues with incontinence. I decided to try this product and I am very happy that I did."

"Thank you Bia for making me feel like a woman again"
Trish, AK

"I thought incontinence only happened to the elderly. I was surprised when I was diagnosed with urinary incontinence after the birth of my second child (in my late 20’s). I was very active before this and suffered from depression as a result of my diagnosis. My mother in law actually saw this product and purchased it for me. What a difference. After 3 weeks I have noticed a huge improvement in the amount of urine leaked. I can’t wait to be completely pad free"
Karen, Australia

"Great product." Ann