Danish researchers once again conclude that pelvic floor therapy with biofeedback is effective in the treatment of stress incontinence.

1998 Nov Aalborg Sygehus, Denmark

Glavind K, Laursen B, Jaquet A.
Source: Aalborg Sygehus, Denmark.

Thirty-seven women with stress incontinence were given biofeedback instruction on how to perform pelvic floor exercises correctly. After 3 months with home exercises 31 patients performed a new standardized pad-weighing test: 39% were objectively cured and 42% improved. After a mean of 2 years 15 patients were evaluated with another pad-weighing test: 27% were now objectively cured and 47% improved. A questionnaire showed that 78% had an exact knowledge about the location of the pelvic floor muscles and 47% were satisfied with their present situation, but only 58% performed daily exercises.

PMID:9745974[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]