Peritron, Perineometer with Anal Sensor

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  • Measuring to 0.1 cm/H2O
  • Gives audio as well as visual biofeedback
  • Linear and logarithmic biofeedback
  • Comprehensive contraction measurements: Gradient, Area under Curve, Peak, Average
  • Sensors are interchangeable with the PFX and PFX-a home pelvic floor exercisers

PeritronTM Perineometer. Includes Anal Sensor. Peritron 9300 A is a hand held microprocessor-controlled perineometer intended for assessing the strength of pelvic floor muscles and teaching pelvic floor exercises. The new Peritron 9300 gives audio as well as visual biofeedback (numerical on LCD display in cm water and/or 'progressing bars' display for exercise feedback presented as 'better-worse' bar graph picture). New Peritron 9300 is very sensitive, measuring and displaying the contractions numerically in cm water (cm/H2O) to 0.1 cm/H2O.

Peritron 9300 can recall the peak and average values of the contraction and its duration. It also numerically displays the gradient and the area under the curve. For teaching pelvic floor contractions the display may be switched to 'progressing bars' that provide 'better-worse' feedback. The more bars that are lit, the stronger the contractions. Peritron's feedback display has 99 levels. Its super response picks up the first flickers of a contraction. Such sensitivity is very useful, especially with patients that have very compromised and weak pelvic floor muscles.