How It Works?

The BIA Trainer The BIA Trainer is a personal guide and workout system that will assist you in strengthening and toning your pelvic floor muscles through safe and effective exercises.

During the short workouts the BIA Trainer will teach you to isolate, contract and relax the correct muscles, which is not an easy task when you are doing it on your own. The common issues when trying to do pelvic floor exercises is trying to locate the correct muscles. The BIA Trainer helps locate the correct muscles and provides resistance for the pelvic muscles to squeeze against for rapid results. Simply turn on your device and follow the step by step voice and on screen instructions. After using your device it will remember the last level achieved during your last testing mode, this is the level you will train at. The goal is to reach a higher level during your testing mode. After each week of "training", it is important to use the "test" mode to measure your progress (at which point you will be advised of the level you should be working at).

Why do the workouts?

Like any other muscle your Pelvic Floor needs regular exercise to keep it strong. There are many contributing factors to weakened pelvic floor muscles/prolapse; excess weight, pregnancy, abdominal surgery (including caesarian section) menopause, aging, and high impact sports. Symptoms of these range in variance, sometimes revealing itself through an urgency to urinate, frequency of urination, painful intercourse and a painful pelvic area. By doing exercises with the BIA Trainer you will increase the strength of your pelvic floor, and keep it that way! With just a few minutes a day you will notice results in the first weeks.

How to use it

The BIA TrainerStrengthening your pelvic muscles on your own can be difficult. The BIA Trainer helps you strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles effectively. The unit will help you pick the right level of the exercise intensity, for the current level of your pelvic floor muscle. After inserting the probe into the vagina, you will need to inflate and adjust it to fit your shape. The BIA Trainer will help you pick the right inflation level by letting you know if you have over- or under-inflated the probe.

After the probe is inserted and properly inflated, the control unit will help you locate and isolate the correct muscles by showing you onscreen the strength of each squeeze performed. Once that is done, it will guide you through a series of squeeze and relax exercises, all the while giving you feedback on the strength of your pelvic floor muscle. Each week you will use the "test" mode to test your progress. Your goal is to increase your level over time.