During Pregnancy -
Consult with a Physician prior to use during pregnancy.

The BIA TrainerDuring pregnancy the growing baby puts increased pressure on the Pelvic muscles, which increases the chance of involuntary urine leaks. The stronger the Pelvic muscles are the less likely it is that it will weaken enough to cause this problem.

If you are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant, you've probably heard of the Kegel exercises from your physician. These exercises help you get the Pelvic muscles strong, but they are sometimes very tough to do and can take up too much time without assistance. BIA Trainer will help you in achieve the muscle strength that you need much faster and easier. It will shorten the exercise time and you will feel the resultsmuch sooner than with kegel exercises alone.

Using BIA Trainer throughout pregnancy helps strengthen and tone the Pelvic floor muscles in preparation for child birth. Well toned muscles will give you better control over them, making it less likely for women to experience a prolonged second stage of labor. It should also be mentioned that exercising with BIA Trainer will make it easier for you to relax the perineum muscles, which can greatly reduce pain during labor.
Important: consult your physician before using BIA Trainer.

After Pregnancy -
Please wait at least 6 weeks after delivery prior to use.

During pregnancy and delivery the pelvic floor muscles can become stretched and weakened, which often causes urinary incontinence.

BIA Trainer will help you save time and energy and regain the control over your muscles fast. In addition, BIA Trainer can help you achieve the vaginal tone that you had before pregnancy, or even better!
Important: BIA Trainer should not be used at least 6 weeks after pregnancy. Please consult your physician before starting to exercises.