Kegel Exerciser - Pelvic Muscle Trainer - PFX with Anal Sensor

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  • Learn how to make effective pelvic floor contractions
  • Measures your improving muscle tone
  • Motivates you to complete the exercise program
  • Sensor never needs replacing
  • No batteries required

Kegel Exerciser - Pelvic Muscle Trainer - PFX with Anal Sensor The PFXA Pelvic Floor eXerciser provides instant feedback for men and women doing their pelvic floor exercises. In operation, a tube transfers air pressure in an anal sensor produced by a pelvic floor contraction to the PFX Indicator Unit where its strength is displayed on a 0-12 scale. PFXA is a high quality product that is recommended by Colo Rectal Surgeons, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Stoma therapists in many countries for use by those who would benefit from feedback when performing pelvic floor exercises. PFX is a simple to use, but advanced pelvic floor exerciser (Kegel exerciser) for women, who wish to carry improve their pelvic floor muscles.

PFX allows them to carry out self-assessment of the strength and the endurance of their pelvic floor muscles, set improvement goals and monitor their progress when exercising routinely. PFX helps them to reach the initial goals and to maintain optimum pelvic floor health for life thereafter. PFX caters for the weakest and the strongest of the pelvic floor muscles. It is suitable for unsupervised home use and supplied with easy to follow instructions. It can help to prevent accidental urine leaks that occur during exertion, laughing or coughing. It can help to maintain life-long pelvic floor strength, thus aiding sexual functioning and continence control. Working out with PFX will strengthen, define and plump up pelvic floor muscles, thus helping to prevent incontinence and greatly improving sensitivity and responsiveness during sexual activities.